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Flock Free Natural Mosquito Control Spray Concentrate, Kills and repels both adult mosquitos and larvae, and ticks, too.

4 oz concentrate

  •  KILLS AND REPELS both adult mosquitos and larvae, as well as ticks;
  • Natural-based nano-tech formula with plant ingredients and essential oils. SAFE for kids, pets, backyards, birds, lawns, fruit trees, crops, flowers, etc.;
  •  EASY-TO-USE: just dilute with water and spray the mixture with any sprayer. See detailed instructions in the description below;
  •  ECONOMICAL: one bottle makes 4 gallons of the ready mixture, lasts up to 4 weeks;
  •  Yes, it REALLY WORKS. Designed, tested, and made in the USA.

Flock Free Natural Mosquito Control Spray Concentrate, 4 oz concentrate.
The only residential solution on the market which works great on both adult mosquitos and larvae, and ticks, too.

What’s inside?
Natural ingredients only. Thyme oil, garlic oil, corn oil, geraniol, clove oil, citric acid, peppermint oil, rosemary oil, salt, and a combination of natural inert ingredients.

How to use?
Shake well. Mix 1 oz per 1 gallon of water. Mix thoroughly in a sprayer. Use any sprayer (manual, electric, mechanical, etc.) to spray in your yard.
Spray mosquitos’ breeding sites, standing water, bird baths, potted plants, beneath shrubs, and directly onto lawns.
Repeat every 3-4 weeks, as needed.

Does it work?
Yes. We tested this product for 5 years before introducing it to the market. We use it in our own homes.

Is it safe?
In its ready-to-use form, it is completely safe for humans (including kids), pets, birds, and other animals.
In concentrated form, the product may cause skin or eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, or clothing. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Use protective gloves, long-sleeve clothes, and protective eyewear when you work with the concentrate.

What do our customers say?
Flock Free's mosquito control product has been an outstanding all-natural addition to my company inventory this season. Flock Free's performance was superior to microencapsulated synthetic pyrethroids.

From a business perspective it saved time by not requiring PH balancing or adding IGRs, technicians loved that there were no PPE requirements or "burn" associated with synthetic products, and customers demonstrated their appreciation by having less than a 1% respray rate. I'd recommend it to any company looking at expanding services into the green market.

Mosquito Joe's, in Savannah, GA


I wanted to share results I had using the Flock Free Mosquito control product.
My daughter's ornamental shrubs were loaded with Japanese beetles. I added 5-6 ounces of the concentrate to a garden hose sprayer and saturated the shrubs. In 15-20 minutes to the beetles were dropping off and dying. We then treated adjacent shrubs and plants and same results.
Obviously we were all thrilled with results! I will certainly use this product again for similar situations!

John F., Wisconsin

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